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Designing Your Vision From the Ground Up

Townes Site Engineering is a full-service civil engineering firm that can work with you to prepare a raw piece of property to become a home or business. Our passionate staff is equipped to responsibly create the newest pieces of our community.

Each project is plotted with environmental regulations and longevity in mind. Our team will help you make the best choices for your property at each step of the way. The key to this guidance is involving experienced staff and leadership with the daily operations of every project. You won’t find these levels of support anywhere else.

Partner with our motivated multi-disciplinary firm to expand your footprint in Central Virginia.

The Townes Site Engineering team reviews the blueprints for a Richmond project. There are three engineers seated at a table and one principal engineer standing behind them.

From Survey to Full Service; We Build Communities Better

Townes started in the 1970s as a small firm focused on improving the survey process for Richmond builders. Now our company has expanded into the large but local-focused organization we have today.

For Townes Site Engineering becoming a full-service firm meant ensuring quality at every level of the job. In office we’ve built a community focused on accountability and problem solving.

Townes Site Engineering works hard to create and design something new that works for you. When you present us with your goals, our team comes together to meet deadlines and adapt to your needs.

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A Creative Culture Inspiring Internal Growth

Are you ready to bring your ideas to the table? Townes Site Engineering is building a family of innovators.

You can join a team with surveyors, engineers, designers and managers without getting lost in the ranks. Your growth and success is our priority.

Grab the chance to show your skills at the firm and in the field.

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