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Necessary Steps for Safe Construction

To evaluate your construction site’s stability for new buildings and infrastructure, Townes Site Engineering can perform laboratory material testing before you break ground. Our team will check your property’s viability with geotechnical services before you move forward with your development plans.

To avoid problems down the road—such as sidewalks, buildings, and roads sinking, cracking, and settling—it is essential to understand the subsurface dynamics before laying pavement and foundations. Site testing with geotechnical engineering is essential to fully understand what is and isn’t safe to build on your Chesterfield, VA property.

Our thorough site assessments at Townes pinpoint soil-related issues such as limited bearing capacity, shrinking or swelling, and shallow groundwater. Our professionals will interpret the lab results and can also assist with specifications for the building construction and site design, too.

In addition to our comprehensive site engineering and design packages, we offer geotechnical services for dependable and excellent support throughout the entire civil engineering process. Whether your project entails building new neighborhoods, growing businesses, or upgrading utility infrastructure, Townes ensures that your Chesterfield construction projects are off to a great start.

Chesterfield Laboratory Offering Professional Material and Soil Testing

Townes Site Engineering accepts materials for testing, including soil, concrete, grout, cement, and asphalt. Our laboratory in Chesterfield is currently accredited by the USACE (United States Army Corps of Engineers) and satisfies ASTM E-329, which is a standard recommended inspection and testing agency for construction-related materials like concrete, aggregates, mortar, and soils.

The Corps of Engineers also regularly inspects Townes to guarantee the highest quality of work is done. Our lab team is involved in leading industry initiatives such as the AASHTO Materials Reference Library (AMRL) for soils and the Cement and Concrete Reference Library (CCRL) for cement and aggregates.


Our Geotechnical Capabilities in Chesterfield:

Residential Services

  • Soil Evaluation for Swelling Construction (shrink/swell analysis)
  • Footing Inspections
  • Projection Inspections
  • Wall Inspections
  • Slab Inspections
  • Plan Review/Special Design/Structural Analysis

Commercial Services

  • Subsurface Geotechnical Investigation
  • Laboratory Analysis and Engineering Reports of:
    • Boring logs
    • Soil Bearing Capacity
    • Foundation Design Recommendations
    • General Construction Recommendations

Special Inspections

  • Control Fill Placement
  • Subgrade Inspection
  • Footing/Slab Inspection
  • Masonry Inspection
  • Steel Inspection
  • EIFS Inspection
  • Material Testing
  • Nuclear density machine testing

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Testing

  • Pavement Design & Evaluation
  • Subgrade/Aggregate Inspection
  • Control Fill Testing (fill sections, utility trench backfill)
  • Bituminous Asphalt Concrete Inspection
  • Pavement Coring

Earth Retaining Structures

  • Segmental Wall design and inspection
  • Evaluation/Design recommendations for impoundment features
  • Dam construction certification
  • Stope Stability

We are proud to have been working with Townes Site Engineering since 2001. Through the years, their focus on doing what’s best for the customer has evolved our partnership such that they are truly a trusted advisor.

Ricky Core
President Markel Eagle Partners

Move Forward with the Next Phase of Construction Confidently

Townes Site Engineering’s soil technicians, laboratory scientists, and geotechnical engineers can help assure a safe and efficient construction process from start to finish.

If you want to safely proceed  beyond the planning stage, you should seek professional geotechnical advice. Understanding the maximum weight your Chesterfield, VA property can support and the most effective building techniques for your property is crucial.

To start the process of having a comprehensive sample and testing of your land, get in touch with Townes Site Engineering. Our proficiency in geotechnical services will ensure that the start of your upcoming construction project is solid.

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