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Multidisciplinary Services for Your Next Site

Before you can break ground on your next project you need to understand the land you’re building on. Defining details such as soil characteristics, environmental regulations, property boundaries and county construction ordinances all have big picture impacts on land development.

When important steps get skipped during preparations you could be saddled with delays and complications down the road. No one wants to be responsible for yet another construction project that goes over budget and past deadlines.

Townes Site Engineering provides the guidance and expertise you need to build responsibly. Our multidisciplinary team of engineers, scientists and surveyors works diligently to take your next major development from the planning phase through construction.

Take Hanover’s industrial, commercial and residential development offerings to the next level with Townes on your side.

Civil Engineering Offerings in Hanover County

Develop efficiently and responsibly with a wide range of services designed to keep your construction efforts safe, viable, on-budget and on-time. Townes Site Engineering partners with you to help you make the best decisions for your project at every step of building.

Our leadership is involved with every project to ensure you get expert-level results and the highest quality engineering services possible.

Transform your land with services including:

Civil Engineering

The first step to any successful construction project is calling a civil engineer. Townes Site Engineering works to organize your utilities and drainage plans, keep your project compliant and make in-depth quality assurance checks.

Geotechnical Services

Before you begin laying foundations or digging on your site, you need information about the land you’re building on. Townes gives you the confidence to move into construction with in-depth soil examinations and lab testing.

Site Surveying

Surveying gives you a new perspective on your property. You can determine site boundaries, stakeout construction, meet government requirements and more with accurate survey data from Townes Site Engineering.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering in the early stages of development can assess obstacles for land use such as wetlands, endangered species or cultural resources. Townes Site Engineering works to help you follow environmental rules, meet regulations, obtain proper permitting, all while most importantly meeting your design goals.


“Ask Us How” to Build Better in Your Industry

Townes Site Engineering’s experienced team has created insightful site designs, tested geotechnical elements, provided environmental guidance and produced survey data for a number of industries in and around Hanover.

Each industry presents unique challenges. You deserve a team that understands how to carry projects of all scopes through to completion. From warehouses and car dealerships to sprawling neighborhoods and advanced military facilities – Townes has the experience needed to help your property prosper.

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Start Bringing Your Vision to Fruition

You have a great vision for your property, now it’s time to prepare your site and plan for construction. Get your project over the finish line faster with accurate project scopes, reliable communication, resourceful designs and insightful data.

Transform a simple plot of land into a place that serves you and the Hanover community.

Contact Townes Site Engineering today to ensure your property reaches its full potential.

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