Getting to the Bottom of It: Improving Bathymetric Surveys at Townes

The field surveyors at Townes Site Engineering have started to master the newest tool at their disposal. The HyDrone remote control catamaran boat makes it easy to gather accurate bathymetric survey data at job sites with bodies of water.

This little boat allows you to collect information from a pond’s surface to its absolute lowest point. The results gathered by the HyDrone can identify the depth and underwater features of the area it travels.

Before, our engineers either utilized a Jon boat and pole or they had no choice but to fully drain a water basin to get the data they needed.

Now hydrographic surveys are a one-man job, and honestly – they’re fun too. The bright yellow and portable HyDrone is reminiscent of flying a drone or remote car. You can plot its course ahead of time or manually maneuver it around ponds, lakes and more.

This one new tool has made it possible for Townes Site Engineers to streamline and supplement our bathymetric surveys.

Providing Proof for Permits and Regulations

Construction projects involving basin design will need to meet the requirements of the locality where they’re built. Townes Site Engineering helps clients from the beginning to end of basin construction.

Our engineers work to dutifully design the basins and ascertain the correct volume. Then contractors come in to make the installation. Townes wraps up the project with a bathymetric survey that proves that the new basin meets the approved plan requirements.

With the help of the Hydrone boats, the surveying will take less time and less manpower — which can reduce timelines and costs. Gone are the days of draining and pumping basins. The Hydrone’s underwater depth measurements and mapping simplifies the basin certification process.

Plotting the Course for New Projects

Now that the Hydrone has set sail, our bathymetric survey capabilities have seen serious growth. The boat has even already made its way to ponds in Chesterfield, Henrico and Charlottesville.

Townes can reach new depths – literally. Our team can now navigate larger bodies of water and even help other firms with gathering their bathymetric data.

Let us know if our tiny boat with big capabilities can solve any of your surveying needs.