Providing a Different Kind of Housing Product with Middleburg Development 

Nestled between Route 288 and Chesterfield’s Watkins Centre Parkway, you will soon find an entire community of houses and townhomes with one very unique aspect: each property will be for rent, not for sale.

That means no mortgages, lawn maintenance or down payments. The homes will be ready to live in. The community will have all the amenities you’d see at any luxury rental such as a dog park, clubhouse, fitness center and pool.

Right now if you drive by on Route 288, there is just an empty parcel of land. This is where Townes Site Engineering helps out.

Townes was brought in at the beginning of the project to assist Middleburg Development during the rezoning and land planning in an effort to make The Hamlet at Watkins Centre community possible in Chesterfield. Our team has been a partner throughout as the site gets prepared for construction.

Master Planning for Multi-Family Living

Not everyone is suited for the responsibilities and commitment of home ownership. However, this doesn’t mean that individuals should be limited to living in traditional apartment complexes. Middleburg recognized this need and designed their Hamlet rental neighborhoods as a viable alternative that offers greater flexibility than buying a home and more privacy than a typical apartment complex.

These newly designed homes feature private entrances and ample sidewalks and green areas, providing residents with the space and independence they desire. With no shared entries, residents can enjoy a sense of ownership and privacy without the added responsibilities and long-term financial obligations that come with owning a home.

The Hamlet rental neighborhoods offer the best of both worlds, providing residents with the freedom and flexibility to live life on their terms while enjoying the perks of a spacious and well-maintained living space. The neighborhoods are ideal for individuals who seek a more permanent housing solution without the burdens of home ownership.


Work Behind the Scenes and Under the Foundation

Before charming homes, sleek townhouses, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and lovely green spaces can begin to fill this residential parcel, there’s lots of preparation to be done.

Townes Site Engineering was entrusted with handling all of the necessary survey work, wetlands delineations and permitting, zoning case assistance, and full construction plans.

The engineers and experts at Townes worked diligently to create plans that fit the allotted parcel while still adhering to the necessary grading and accessibility requirements required. Our team’s extensive background in multi-family housing developments are an integral part of working on projects like this one.

The Hamlet at Watkins Centre will contain 283 rental dwellings. In order to access these new homes, Townes also led the design of 1,300 feet of new arterial  thoroughfare road.

Next door to the new neighborhood there are other parcels taking shape and Townes provided a regional stormwater pond that will accommodate adjacent commercial and industrial sites nearby.

Communities Shaped by Partnerships

Townes’ well-established role in the land development community made it easy to transition into this project. Our team worked with the development managers at Middleburg, project attorney Andrew Condlin at Roth Jackson and Landscape Planner Samuel Kelleher at Design Resource Group to fully bring the plans to life.

“I appreciate everything that Townes has helped with over the past year getting plan approvals to the finish line. We are looking forward to a great project together,” Andrew Bolton, Development Manager for Middleburg Communities said.

It’s great to hear about Middleburg’s initiative to bring a new housing option to the Richmond market. A meticulously designed neighborhood that provides residents with a high quality of life, greenspaces for outdoor engagement, and pedestrian-friendly streets is not only beneficial to the individuals who live there but also to the community as a whole. Creating livable communities is an important step in sustainable development and can lead to healthier and happier residents. By prioritizing these elements in their development, Middleburg is setting a positive example for other developers to follow.

“Ask Us How” to Start Your Next Land Development

From innovative multi-family property planning to in-depth surveys and impactful zoning case assistance – the engineers, surveyors, inspectors, and environmental scientist at Townes can do it all in house.

Our multidisciplinary firm offers full service civil, environmental, geotechnical, special inspections, and surveying options for projects from all industries.

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