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Exceptional Civil Engineering to Bring Your Next Project to Life

Any new development, whether it’s a neighborhood or an industrial plant has to have a well-crafted plan before construction can begin. You need a clear understanding of what is possible on your property and how to achieve that safely by following government regulations.

Townes Site Engineering’s multidisciplinary capabilities can lead you through every step of your construction process or supplement just one of your needs. With civil engineers, environmental scientists, experienced surveyors and geotechnical experts on your side, your next project can be completed on time and on budget.

Many projects in Powhatan and the surrounding areas have lofty goals and hopes of bringing a new resource to the community. Townes has done it all from preparing clients to build on challenging terrains to helping you work on zoning with reluctant local leaders.

Bring new industrial, commercial and residential developments to the table in Powhatan. Townes has the team and tools to help guide you from start to finish on your next project.

Civil Engineering Offerings in Powhatan County, VA

Townes Site Engineering started as a surveying company and has grown into a firm designed to handle every step of your construction preparation and compliance.

Each project directly involves our leadership team to ensure excellent results throughout the entire project. You will receive industry-leading engineering services from our experienced team.

Townes does it all from stand-alone surveys to carrying major developments from the conception phase to construction management and final reviews.

Build better communities with multi-disciplinary services including:

Civil Engineering

Without civil engineering services there is no way to safely and efficiently build your new structures in Powhatan. Townes Site Engineering handles all of the planning and designs that make your development goals a reality. Learn more about our capabilities including utilities and drainage plans, zoning assistance, site designs and permitting assistance.

Geotechnical Services

You need information about the ground you’re going to build on. Townes ensures you never risk starting construction on unstable soil. See if our lab testing and geotechnical inspections can help you create sturdy communities more confidently.

Site Surveying

Accurate survey data is essential to every step of your development in Powhatan. Without it you risk violating government regulations, crossing land boundaries and making construction mistakes. Find out how Townes can help your project get started, move forward or finish up.

Environmental Engineering

Looking for expert advice on how to properly build among Powhatan’s natural resources? Our environmental engineers help ensure your development doesn’t violate environmental regulations and can obtain proper permits. Work with Townes for a project that runs smoothly.


Meeting the Needs of Your Industry in Powhatan, VA

Whether you’re creating the next big data center or planning a new park, Townes Site Engineering can scale our services to fit your needs.

Projects with unique challenges and industry quirks are no match for our multidisciplinary capabilities.

Finish your next development on time and on budget with civil engineering services from start to finish.

View our record of results:


Build with Confidence in Powhatan

Civil engineering can be the key difference when trying to zone, design or approve your next construction project. Townes ensures your development works with your property in a way that lessens environmental impact, achieves your goals and maintains your budget.

Contact our experienced team to transform a plot of land into an integral piece of Powhatan’s community.

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