Pouncey Tract Extension | Henrico County, Virginia


The Pouncey Tract Extension involved the design and construction of 7,000 linear feet of 15 inch trunk sanitary sewer as well as 4,000 linear feet of 12 inch water line on the Pouncey Tract project. This utility project was completed to promote development of commercial and industrial properties in the northwestern reach of Henrico County. The project was unique in the fact the trunk sewer line had to be designed to avoid a number of existing quarries as well as securing easements from private land owners.

Townes Site Engineering (Townes) first provided due diligence for the project by conducting boundary surveys and route selection for the proposed utilities. Townes completed a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wetland delineation confirmation and secured a Nationwide Permit for impacts to wetlands and waters of the U.S. Townes obtained site plan approval by the local municipality as well as coordinated the issuance of the land disturbance permit. To aid in the design and better define potential construction cost, Townes conducted a geotechnical subsurface investigation to identify depth of bedrock as well as provided material testing as required by the Virginia Department of Transportation for work within public right-of-ways.

During the construction of the utilities, the Townes team conducted construction monitoring and reporting as required by the Nationwide Permit and approved construction plans.

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